I am a business professional whose true passions are history, political science (especially Constitutional Law), and religious studies.  I received my BA in History, graduating with several honors, and continued on to complete several semesters of graduate work in history. If the university I was at had granted MAs without writing a thesis, I would also have a Master’s degree in history.  Life side-tracked me into business and an MBA, but I have never lost my love of history, the mental exercise it requires, and attempting to interpret and reconstruct various aspects of the past.  My undergraduate focus was Europe, and my graduate work was almost excusively American, especially Early America, the American Revolution, and various aspects of the American West (American West, Pacific Northwest, Frontiers, Environmental, Native American, etc.).

My professional memberships include the Organization of American Historians, the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, the Western History Association, and the World History Association.

I was raised in a family where political discussions were part of our evening meals.  Intellectual pursuits were encouraged.  And we were encouraged to be ourselves regardless of what others might think.  Respect was something that was earned based on abilities and character, and not to be given simply because another had attained some arbitrary rank. Logical reasoning and argumentation were valued over dogma and superstition, even with a very religious mother.  I have tried to remain true to this, and raised my son to be the same way.


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