On Sources

…continued from previous post…

The two preceding posts on judicial review, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution relied on several source materials.  Notations were kept to a minimum in order to keep with the flow of an Internet blog.

Primary Sources:

Jefferson, Thomas (Merrill D. Peterson, editor). Jefferson: Writings. New York, 1984.

Kealer, Charles R. and Rossiter, Clinton. The Federalist Papers: Hamilton Madison Jay. New York, 1961, 1999.

Ketcham, Ralph, editor.  The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates.  New York, 1986.

Madison, James. Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787. New York, 1966, 1987.

_____ (Jack N. Rakove, editor).  Madison: Writings. New York, 1999.

Marshall, John (Charles F. Hobson, editor). Marshall: Writings. New York, 1984.

Secondary Sources:

Amar, Akhil Reed.  The Bill of Rights.  Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1998.

_____.  America’s Constitution: A Biography. New York, 2005.

Beard, Charles A. An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.  New York, 1913, 2004.

Breyer, Stephen.  Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution.  New York, 2005.

Ellis, Joseph J.  American Creation. New York, 2007.

Epstein, Lee and Walker, Thomas G.  Constitutional Law for a Changing America:  Institutional Powers and Constraints.  Washington, D.C., 2007.

_____.  Constitutional Law for a Changing America:  Rights, Liberties, and Justice.  Washington, D.C., 2007.

Holton, Woody.  Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution.  New York, 2007.

Irons, Peter.  A People’s History of the Supreme Court.  New York, 1999.

McDonald, Forrest.  Novus Ordo Seclorum:  The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution.  Lawrence, Kansas, 1985.

_____.  States’ Rights and the Union:  Imperium in Imperio.  Lawrence, Kansas, 2000.

Pagle, Thomas L.  The Great Debate:  Advocates and Opponents of the American Constitution. The Teaching Company course, Chantilly, Virginia, 2007.  Lecture Eleven:  The Supreme Court and Judicial Review.

Rakove, Jack N.  Original Meanings:  Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution.  New York, 1996.

Wood, Gordon S.  Empire of Liberty:  A History of the Early Republic, 1789 – 1815.  New York, 2009.


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