Basically a bunch of whiny crybabies who doesn’t realize the world has moved on, or that their mythic past never existed.

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Don’t worry about the title of this blog post, this is more to expose the childish fraud known as the Twitter Gulag Defense Network (#TGDN hashtag) and not an avenue to repost the pictures of Kincannon’s package that he’s alleged to send out to women on Twitter. However, if interested, here are some links that describe who Kincannon is:

I have touched on this on previous posts, but to those of you who may not be aware, there is a group out there formed by a Republican Party cherub from South Carolina named Todd Kincannon. As you could expect from a GOP operative from South Carolina, Kincannon is on the extreme fringe of the fringed right and was known to go after the “libtards” (i.e. 80% of Twitter who don’t agree with his narrative) in his Timeline. This activity ended up in him being suspended on Twitter…

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